Sunday, November 18, 2007

Me and my puppy

How great am I, two post in one day. Mommy helped me with one, and my daddy helped me with the other. Here is a couple of pictures of some of the activities me and my puppy do, pretty much every day.

Here is me and prada playing tag. Oh, okay she's just trying to get away from me, she likes for me to chase her. She may be small, but let me tell you, she's fast!

Here is me and prada having some down time. While, I create a masterpiece, prada sits on me. Thats just the way she likes to relax, to tell you the truth, it's ok with me
And this picture has nothing to do with prada, but i like this picture of me and my mommy. This picture was taken after my daddy and papa came back from hunting, I'll have to show you the horns that they brought back, pretty cool stuff.

Candy Harvesting

Here I am as the cutest zebra ever seen(at least this is what my parents tell me.) This so called holiday called halloween is not to bad. My parents took me around to perfect strangers houses who were so kind as to give me candy. The only problem was I couldn't eat the candy fast enough from house to house, so eventually I had to start storing it away in my little pumpkin purse. By the end of the evening when we ended at my Papa and Nana's house I had a big bucket of candy and a really bad sugar high. It was Fantastic! Everyone else seemed to enjoy the entertainment, I got lots of laughs!

Friday, November 2, 2007

The big fall

Yes...I know I am back! You can't really blame me though, it's really my moms fault. (Isn't everything always someone elses fault?)

But anyways I thought I should get you all caught up on the majors things that have been happening in my life, like breaking my arm. I know it sounds bad, but all I was trying to do is play with the light switches. No one told me it was such a long fall from the couch to the floor. . .well wait maybe I did get a spankin' or two for that, but we won't talk about it.
So I got a very fashionable hot pink cast that thankfully went with most of my outfits. I had to wear it for 3 weeks and I am happy to say that I did pretty well with it. My mom says I was a trooper. Prada, my dog didn't really like it, cause once I got use to it, I began to use it as a weapon against her, you know when she would take my toys and stuff.

This is my temporary cast and sling that I got at the emergency room, they even gave me stickers.

Here I am still struttin' my stuff with a broken arm.

. . . . still playin' it cool with a cast

And finally. . . me just being cute before we head to the doctor in hopes of getting my cast off.

Well the cast finally came off and the doctor said my arm was even stronger than it was before I broke it, so I am back to my busy little self, not that a broken arm ever really slowed me down.

I will try to stay on my mom about keeping my blog more up to date, but there is no guarantees

Friday, March 30, 2007

Well. . .I have finally accomplished it! It was a lot of hard work and late nights, but I am now a part of the blogger world. My parents have been on me for quite some time to finish this project. Life is just so busy when you are 16 months, their is so much to do and so many new things to see.

I have found that my dads glasses are lots of fun to wear and he is so nice to leave them at the edge of his night stand every morning for me to find. My mom doesn't really like me to play with them so she went and bought me my very own pair. . .

. . .and now me and my dad can match.