Sunday, November 18, 2007

Me and my puppy

How great am I, two post in one day. Mommy helped me with one, and my daddy helped me with the other. Here is a couple of pictures of some of the activities me and my puppy do, pretty much every day.

Here is me and prada playing tag. Oh, okay she's just trying to get away from me, she likes for me to chase her. She may be small, but let me tell you, she's fast!

Here is me and prada having some down time. While, I create a masterpiece, prada sits on me. Thats just the way she likes to relax, to tell you the truth, it's ok with me
And this picture has nothing to do with prada, but i like this picture of me and my mommy. This picture was taken after my daddy and papa came back from hunting, I'll have to show you the horns that they brought back, pretty cool stuff.

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John, Christina, and Hannah said...

I want to email you those pics from the Pirate Christmas Party but don't have your email (I must have never saved it?) Can you email me your address and I'll send them right out!